Music is a necessity in the world. Imagine a music free world! Can’t even imagine. It’s the main reason why different people have their own form of music. It will do and satisfy their needs in the way they want. At welsh association male choir, it’s all about music for the men. We do it both formally and informally. Our concerts are fantastic. It’s what our clients say. We bring together the men around Los Angeles and beyond for both musical and social interaction. In this regard, we have contributed in ensuring that our community develops and is headed in the right direction.

Come sing with us

Whether its starters or talented choristers, it is our pleasure to welcome them warmly. We know that lovers of music are in plenty out there. So, don’t be shy. Its great fun singing alongside men of dignity. They are not bossy though. Call them your friends.

We encourage males to come subscribe to what we do. Most of them however tend to think that we are to conduct interviews and determine who wins and who loses. Many will go on the defense by claiming that they are very good or talented singers. While that is a good thing, it still don’t work for us. What we need are men who can coordinate with the others and flow in the rhythm. We however accept distinguished soloists in our music competitions. If you have the trained voice and can still be able to be flexible to work with others, then you are in. that’s because our organization is more than music. We create friendships and make fun out of what we do.

Come see

If you are yet to be convinced whether to join our choirs, we still don’t lock you out. You can attend our rehearsal sessions, take your sit at the back and just watch and enjoy. We will still treat you as one of us. It is the experience that inspires many to become members.

What do you get?

Plenty! That’s the right word. First, singing goes well with wellness and health. The joy of singing keeps you happy and stress free. You also get to interact with the right people in the society. Travelling to various destinations for performances is another advantage you will have to tour different regions.


Actually, there are no serious requirements for new members. You have no reason to delay. Wait no longer, the door is open for you today. And not for the trained singers only. It’s the passion and the love for music that is important. Even if you don’t know much, we will help you grow. We give you a mentor that will take over the responsibility of training you what you need to know.