About Us

Los Angeles is a great city and with all types of people. There are some who live to do business, others work in movie making businesses which is the norm here and what have you. Some who love singing also take part in their choir song events. That’s where we come in. we are a federation governing several choirs. Every group activity needs to be coordinated. The organization bit is what we specialize in. coming to life of Welsh Association Male Choirs was propagated by the fact that choirs had difficulties carrying on their concerts and other activities. The organization was terrible. We are hence the pillar that prevents difficulties in the music industry. We ensure that all member choirs get their rightful share of deserved income.

Our objectives

We got a lot of responsibilities behind our back. We have to plan to get to the right track. Objectives include;

  • Organizing recitals and concerts for our choirs or massed choir
  • Motivate and encourage song composers to get into the industry
  • Work on how to propel growth of the male music sector by adopting the modern styles
  • To support other charitable organizations that require our support
  • Ensure that member choirs get mutual benefits
  • To promote social friendship among member choirs via musical and social events.

All inclusive

It’s a principle that have brought us to where we are. The Welsh Association of Male Choirs is not only for the men. It used to be purely men previously but now, the door is open for even the younger men. Talented youth should really not be left out of the choirs. They are on their way to becoming real men and they will get there some day. You are free to come sing alongside our member choirs you wish to around Los Angeles or outside.

As years pass by, our members get to interact and develop strong bonds. This has worked as an advantage to the organization as choirs are able to output the best concerts ever. Member choirs are also easily engaged on the table to discuss issues that they are facing as well as proposals for a better future.